What is Teripix?

Teripix (pronounced “ter-ri-pix”) is a digital enterprise app that allows journalists to quickly add images and video to their digital platforms and archives. Teripix allows any designated user – professional photographers, reporters, and even audience members to take pictures or video in the field, upload via smartphone and send them via secure FTP (file transfer protocol) directly to the media company’s server – all in real-time.
Teripix is a product of Celer Images, a corporation founded by Lawrence Jenkins, a freelance photographer and Irwin Thompson, a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist.

The problem. Speed & Efficiency

In business, speed is critical. News web sites struggle to keep pace with the immediacy of social media and getting content disseminated quickly. Editors have to manually input pictures and videos recived by e-mail, thus wasting valuable time and money.


The solution. Teripix

Information moves fast and disseminating visual content is vital. Teripix gives users the power to capture and share pictures and videos fast and in real-time. Users can upload pictures and videos instantly, cutting a significant amount of time off the typical process in use today.



Quick registration links your phone to your organization’s Teripix account.



Shoot with any wireless camera and upload pictures and videos through your smartphone.


Take pictures and videos with your smartphone. Enter your captions, upload and send to your editor in seconds.

Teripix. Capture and share pictures and videos from your smartphone.

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We would love to connect with you. If you’re a media company or news outlet and want more information about how our app can help your photographers and reporters transmit photos or videos in real-time, please fill out our form below.

Teripix is a mobile app service of Celer Images, Inc.